Workshop 1 – Labelling the mountain and valorising its products

Moderation: Thomas Egger (SAB). Co-organization: Marie Clotteau (Euromontana, European Association of Mountain Areas), Olivier Beucherie (Master Food Identity of the Higher School of Agriculture of Angers-ESA) and Alice Dos Santos (Origin for Sustainability – O4S)

Workshop 2 – The culinary heritage of the Alps (in english)

Moderation: Alexandre Fricker (Slow Food Switzerland). Co-organization: Josef Zisyadis (Slow Food Switzerland) and Alessandra Roversi (independent consultant in gastronomy and local products)

Description available soon

Workshop 3 – Participatory certification

Moderation: Florence Arsonneau (Diversities & Development)

Workshop 4 – Sustainability and geographic indications

Moderation: François Casabianca (National Institute of Agricultural Research in France – INRA). Co-organization: Dominique Barjolle (Department of Agriculture and Viticulture of the Canton of Vaud – SAVI)