Agency for Development Initiatives – ADI (Kyrgyzstan)


ADI is a network of women Self-Help Groups (SHG). ADI facilitates local communities to run effective and innovative income-generating activities in remote rural and mountain area. ADI focuses on developing skills, competencies and abilities of local people and communities that allow them to achieve sustainable results. ADI promotes and supports good practices, technologies, researches and analysis, Value Chain, social entrepreneurship, improvement the infrastructure and facilities in rural area. The major thematic working areas: social mobilization, agriculture, local development, school gardening, organic farming, agro-biodiversity, healthy nutrition agro-tourism, traditional knowledge.


The following activities are planed

  • Developing guideline/manual on mountain product quality standards
  • Training of the members on the standard and how to ensure the quality control
  • Applying for Mountain Partnership labelling
  • Supporting with promotion local product and selling the local product

Themes of interest for the forum

Learn innovative approaches in local development, new ways of thinking. Learn on marketing of origin product in small scale

Aida Jamangulova is director of ADI and specialist on rural community development, women empowerment